8 Plants to Sow in October for Large Harvests

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October is quickly approaching! The best time of year to cultivate vegetables in India is now, which not only means we can go outside without squinting and perspiring in the sweltering heat.

Even though the autumn planting season started in September, October is a great month to begin organizing your fall garden.

Growing conditions differ significantly from region to region and even within a single area. Talk to other vegetable growers in your neighborhood if you're new to gardening and aren't sure what to do. Observe the weather and the state of the soil as well.

What alternatives do you have for planting this month? In October, you should cultivate many of the same delicious vegetables that we advised you to do so in September. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

To enjoy an early supply of tasty peas, sow overwintering cultivars of pea in October. Rodents like mice have a tendency to attack peas. In order to provide additional protection, keep a watch out for mice and think about buying or building your own cloches.

Salad Mixes
One of the simplest plants to grow is a salad mix. If planted in the fall, they'll grow quickly and produce fresh produce. Use a strong lid to protect them outside if you are growing them. They work well for placing containers and plants on window sills as well.

At this time of year, you can sow hardy lettuces successively. Now is the time to sow outside overwintering types like "Winter Gem." See some more of the best vegetable crops for space saving.

By October, late-sowing cauliflower types like Pusa Synthetic, Pusa Sibhra, and Punjab Giant 35 should be sown. These delicious, fresh cauliflowers will be available for harvest in the winter. At 18 to 20 degrees Celsius, it thrives the most.

Although it is available year-round, eggplant is at its peak from July through October. Although there are many different shapes, colors, and sizes of eggplant, including long, round, purple, pink, and white kinds, they are always raised in the same manner.
Although buying ready-to-plant seedlings from your neighborhood nursery is another option, planting eggplant starts with seeds.

You may plant spinach at any time of the year. For the winter season, September through October is the best time to sow. Within two months of seeding, this leafy green that is packed with nutrients is ready for harvest.

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