Buyers Can See Live Crop Photographs & Videos Upload By Farmers Through Book My Crop Mobile App

profile picture BookMyCrop Dec 17, 2020

Book My Crop mobile app link: or web portal

Book My Crop is an advance online platform connecting buyers directly to farmers across India. 

Book My Crop for Buyers

Buyers get contact details of prospective farmers whom they can get in touch with and place bulk order of crops. 

Book My Crop for Farmers

Farmers who register with Book My Crop get contacted by potential buyers who buy their crops in bulk. 

To make it easy for farmers, Book My Crop website has advance features that let farmers market their crops. After successful registration Farmers can choose to include the following details in the Book My Crop website profile as an effort to boost their impression to buyers. 

The most saleable and best feature of Book My Crop for farmers in this list is Share Live Crop Photographs and Videos through mobile app as well as web portal. 

Share Live Crop Photographs and Videos

The benefits of farmers who Share Live Crop Photographs and Videos at Book My Crop are as follows:

  1. Get more inquiries from buyers
  2. Attract buyers with best quality pictures and videos
  3. Show all live crop variants
  4. Add a trust factor by uploading original media files only
  5. Maintain authenticity

Farmers can also add the following details in their Book My Crop profile. However, not all of the following data is mandatory to share:

  • Identity Proof – Name and ID Card (with image)
  • Address Detail and Location -Village, Tehsil, District and State (with image)
  • Contact details - Email id, Phone number, Whatsapp Number (with image)
  • Professional details – Farmer card (with image)
  • Family Details
  • Product Category
  • Years of Experience
  • Crop Details
  • Land Details

About Book My Crop

Book My Crop is India’s 1st real-time location-based agriculture marketplace that aims to connect buyers and farmers directly in one portal. In this online forum, buyers and farmers from different parts of India can connect for profitable business.  Presently, Book My Crop has more than 8 categories listed in the site like Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Pulses, Flowers, Herbs, Spices, Non-Edibles and Others from farmers across the country. 

Stay tuned for new exciting features to come in!


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