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profile picture BookMyCrop Feb 22, 2021

High response from both farmers and buyers across India has led to a widespread growth of Book My Crop and is simply evident from the statistical number of 20,000+ farmers now available in the portal. This has further increased the number, type, kind and variant of crops available in Book My Crop. 

To help farmers and buyers not get confused in the continuously increasing crops, Book My Crop is designed with 8+ crop categories and related filters. These 8 crop categories and related filters primarily aim to ease the use of Book My Crop for buyers. Farmers can also use the 8+ crop categories and related filters to understand crop offerings and crop rates by other farmers and thereby make an understanding about their competition in the market. 

The 8+ crop categories of Book My Crop are as follows:

  1. Vegetable

  2. Fruits

  3. Pulses

  4. Grains

  5. Spices

  6. Flowers

  7. Herbs

  8. Non-edible

  9. Other

  10. Popular

The ‘Popular’ crop category has been recently added to help farmers and buyers who are not familiar with the market. Here they can develop an understanding about the current trending and in demand crops. Buyers can choose from the popular crop category while farmers can start offering the popular crop at a better rate. 

Now, the crop filters enabled in Book My Crop portal are as follows:

As Per Weight

  • High to low

  • Low to high

As Per Distance Up To 500Kms

By Harvest Date

  • New to Old

  • Old to New 

By Price

  • High to Low

  • Low to High

By Image

  • Original 

  • Dummy 

By Produce Type

  • Organic 

  • Regular

All users of Book My Crop, both farmers and buyers can use and explore the most of this platform from these 8+ crop categories and related filters. The sole aim of the 8+ crop categories and related filters in Book My Crop is to make the portal user-friendly and facilitate customized sorting and filtering options as per user preferences. 

About Book My Crop

Book My Crop is India’s 1st real-time location-based agriculture marketplace that aims to connect buyers and farmers directly in one portal. In this online forum, buyers and farmers from different parts of India can connect for profitable business.  

Stay tuned in the Book My Crop blog section for new exiting features to come in!

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