Book My Crop Is a Boost to
the Agricultural Ecosystem of India

The dependence of the economy on agriculture makes it a must-have in one’s portfolio. Agriculture, together with its linked industries, is without a doubt India's major source of income. It also substantially contributes to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The websites listed below provide important information about agricultural products, machinery, research, and other topics for farmers, traders, and individuals. Detailed information on government policies, Krishi market, animal husbandry, agricultural loans, Kisan mandi, various programs for farmers, market prices, online Agri market, loans and credit, fisheries, horticulture, and other topics. Book My Crop (BMC) is one of the most distinct and dynamic Agriculture companies in India.

Book My Crop is an advanced online agriculture store or platform created to link buyers and farmers from various parts of India who can sell or buy agriculture products online.

Currently, Book My Crop offers eight product categories from thousands of registered farmers.

In addition, buyers can verify their distance from the crop and the farmer they want to contact on the Book My Crop website. This enables buyers to gain a better understanding of the location, crop availability in terms of quantity, land size, and cultivation data, and to make the best purchasing decision possible.

Book My Crop for Buyers:

Buyers who use Book My Crop receive contact information for reputable prospective farmers with whom they can conduct business. Book My Crop makes it simple for buyers to contact the farmers in India.

Because there are thousands of farmers in India who are registered on Book My Crop, each crop is offered by a different farmer at a different price and quantity ratio.

Buyers can contact farmers and inquire about their crop offerings after obtaining direct contact and Whatsapp numbers from Book My Crop.

Buyers can select farmers based on Crop Wise Farmer Selection and Farmer Selection by Distance (up to 500 Kms).

Buyers can sort the available farmer list by Rating, Price, Weight, and Cultivation Date.

Farmer Data for Buyers:

Aside from personal information, buyers should also review the following farmer information at Book My Crop-

  • Location (Village, Tehsil, District, and State)
  • Land Size
  • Crop Volume/Quantity
  • Expected Date of Cultivation
  • Crop History
  • Related Products

Book My Crop for Farmers:

Farmers can use Book My Crop as an online Agri market to promote their crops and receive queries from potential buyers. Farmers in India must give their legitimate Farmer's Name, Village, Tehsil, District, and State in order to register.

Farmers can even upload live crop photos and videos on the Book My Crop website and receive the following benefits:

  • Get more inquiries from buyers
  • Attract buyers with the best quality pictures and videos
  • Show all crop variants
  • The addition of a trust factor via uploading original media files only
  • Maintain authenticity