Benefits of Book My Crop

profile picture BookMyCrop Feb 12, 2021

Book My Crop is an online portal that directly connects farmers of India to best buyers. 

In short, buyers get direct contact details of farmers, and crop data such as live crop photos, crop videos, farmer bio data, crop price, crop volume, crop location, date of harvest, popular crops, and related crops as provided by farmers. Buyers can connect with farmers up to a distance of 500 kms from their own location in Book My Crop. 

Of course, there are respective benefits that both farmers and buyers enjoy on using this portal for prospective business. 

However, in this blog, we will look at the common benefits that both the communities – farmers and buyers get from Book My Crop. This list sums the general benefits of Book My Crop that extends to both farmers and buyers

Saves fuel

As buyers get direct contact and crop details of farmers in Book My Crop, it enables them to plan the further business without travelling. Farmers also get best wholesale buyer leads from Book My Crop just by sharing valid personal information and crop details. 

As both farmers and buyers can reduce travelling for the future business plans while using Book My Crop, hence it definitely saves fuel.

Increases food shelf life

In Book My Crop, buyers can choose farmers based on location radius. On choosing farmers in a shorter distance, they get crop delivery earlier which of course results in increased food shelf life. 

Ordering crops from very far distance often stales the crop by the time it reaches the buyer. The chance of this is completely reduced at Book My Crop, when buyers choose farmers available in closer distance proximity. 

Decreases transportation time and cost

As mentioned earlier, buyers and farmers who get in touch via Book My Crop do not need to travel in order to plan their future business. Buyers can get all farmer information, crop data with images, contact details and price on Book My Crop. Farmers get an extended buying market.

As both buyer and farmer can plan agricultural business without travelling using Book My Crop, hence it definitely decreases transport time and cost. 

Decreases crop rates and food miles

Book My Crop has farmers registering in the portal every minute. This lets buyers choose from a wider variety of crops available at different prices. Buyers can therefore explore and choose the same crop at a lower price and thus, impact the overall crop rate of the country. 

Book My Crop is definitely reducing food miles as buyers can set their preferred distance diameter and get crops subsequently. 

Increases farmer income 

The primary goal of Book My Crop is to increase farmer income by providing a huge buyer market. Thanks to the 15000+ registered farmers and the growing statistics that reflect the benefits farmers get from this platform. Book My Crop allows farmers from all over India to display their crops in Book My Crop and get leads from buyers and aggregators. 

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