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The primary aim of Book My Crop as a digital platform is to increase the income of Indian farmers. To facilitate this, one of the unique features of Book My Crop is crop photographs and videos, where farmers can easily upload photos and videos along with crop categories and added details such as land area, crop location, crop volume, price and more in both Book My Crop website and app. 

Farmer’s Benefits:


a.    Promote crop and open new prospects in buyer market


The live photographs and videos feature of Book My Crop primarily helps farmers to sell their crops and find new buyers.  Though all farmers can use this feature, only the ones who present their crops in Book My crop with the best photos and videos get greater response from the buyer's end. 


b.    Maintain profile authenticity


When a farmer uploads their crop photos and images in Book My Crop, it lets them earn the trust of buyers easily. Based on farmer crop photos and videos, buyers can directly contact farmers and negotiate with them about buying the crops. 


c.    Grab new buyer by boosting impression


By checking crop photos and videos along with related crop details, buyers develop an understanding about the product offering from a farmer. With more crop photos and videos, farmers can make a good impression to buyers and enhance scope of getting better leads as well as price for their crops. 


Buyers’s Benefits:

a.    Understand the quality of the crop


Buying crops only based on low market price often leads to compromising on its quality. From the crop photos and videos uploaded by farmers,  buyers can make a good understanding about the quality of the crop. They can also judge if the crop pricing is worthy of consideration. 


b.    Connect with new farmers


The feature of crop photographs and videos uploaded by farmers in Book My Crop, lets buyers make better and faster crop purchasing decisions. They can compare crop photos and videos uploaded by different farmers and get only the best quality crops from trusted farmers. 


Book My Crop is an advanced online portal (also available as a mobile app) that connects farmers and buyers of India for further business. 

For more information about Book My Crop, please refer to the official website –


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