Agriculture's Importance and Role in Our Daily Lives

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Agriculture is the process of cultivating crops with the use of land, water, seeds, and other resources. Agriculture supplies basic necessities such as food for us to live a healthy life, thus we can't picture life without it. Agriculture also plays a significant role in our daily lives and delivers several benefits.

As a result, the importance of agriculture in our lives grows. Especially in countries like India, where agriculture provides a living for more than 60% of the population.
To make this obvious, I'll provide a few crucial concepts that will help you comprehend the significance of agriculture. Take a look at them.

Basic Sources of Income
India is an agriculturally based country because around 70% of the people relies on the agriculture sector for a living and farming is their primary occupation.
Particularly in rural areas, where the majority of people are fully reliant on agriculture. There are two reasons for this. The first is that they inherited their forefathers farming skills and knowledge. The second reason is that rural areas lack industries and other sectors that are only available in urban areas.

National Revenue Contribution
Agriculture is crucial to national revenue in emerging countries like India, where farming is the primary source of income. In contrast, in industrialized countries where conditions are different and money is not solely derived from agriculture, the situation is different. This national revenue contributes to the country's financial development.

Contribution to International Trade
Every piece of land has its own features, such as sand type, climate, water intake, and other elements, which are why we can't cultivate everything and so on.
As a result, our country exports products such as tea, sugar, rice, spices, coffee and other items that are abundantly grown in our country. In addition, we import some food from other countries that we are unable to raise.

Important Raw Material Source
Many large firms operate in our country that require fundamental raw resources on a regular basis to make various products and agriculture is the primary supplier of these materials.
Jute and cotton fabric, sugar, edible and non-edible oils, fruit processing, rice, vegetable husking and many other businesses fall within this group. Agriculture's relevance in every business grows as a result of the fact that they all rely on it for their raw materials.

The transportation industry is heavily reliant on agriculture, with the majority of its earnings coming from transferring commodities from one location to another. Farmers typically carry their produce from farms to factories via railways and highways.
Aside from that, small farmers require tractors, pickup trucks, or other vehicles to transport their crops from their farms to the market where they will be sold.

Possibilities for work are endless
Agriculture is the only industry in which you can explore a wide range of job choices regardless of your degree or abilities. Whether you are a member of a labour union or a professional employee, this industry has a job for you.

Safety of Food
Food is a basic requirement and agriculture is one of our primary food sources. We all need energy to live and function and we obtain it from the food we eat on a regular basis. Furthermore, our bodies require carbs, enzymes, protein, vitamins and other necessary nutrients in order to function effectively and food is the primary source of all of these.
As a result, we rely on agriculture to grow our food, emphasizing the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.

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