Analyzing 5 mistakes of farmers while applying Fertilizers

profile picture BookMyCrop May 27, 2022

Here are five common mistakes farmers should avoid in order to secure a successful crop harvest.

Unbalanced Nutrition: To reach their maximum potential, plants require a well-balanced diet. At least 13 important nutrients are present in various amounts. Farmers usually only think about NPK fertilizers, forgetting the relevance of other vital minerals and micronutrients. This usually means a lower yield and a crop of ordinary quality.

Fertilizer application without soil testing: Before choosing/applying fertilizers, soil testing is essential. Based on the soil test report, you can subsequently select the appropriate fertilizers. If you want a high output, you must supplement insufficient minerals with fertilizers.

Too much fertilizer: A widespread misconception among farmers is that a higher fertilizer dose will result in a bigger yield, which is not true. Overdosing on fertilizer has negative consequences for the crop, soil and ecosystem. Salinity build-up or the toxicity of particular components might cause irreversible damage.

Wrong timing: Applying the wrong amount of fertilizer at the wrong time is a common blunder that results in lower yields and damaged crops.

Fertilizer placement errors: Fertilizer placement is an important aspect of crop management. Proper placement often improves plant nutrient uptake, resulting in higher yields. Inorganic fertilizers can be administered by hand or with the use of special equipment. When applying fertilizers by hand, it's critical to make sure they're evenly distributed. Application equipment must be correctly set to provide even spreading. To improve efficacy and reduce evaporation, broadcast fertilizers should be integrated after application. To avoid damaging the seedling or roots, make sure no fertilizer is placed too close to the seed or the sprouting plant while banding or spot-applying.

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