Jai Jawan Jai Kisan

profile picture BookMyCrop Apr 13, 2021

On one hand, while most farmers of India almost invest their lives to guide their children in cracking a government job, here is presenting a contrasting story of Harish Dhandev – who left his government job and is today one of the famous farmers that the country has ever witnessed. 

Being a farmer was Harish’s passion which he started following in 2013 after quitting his government job. He started with 25,000 aloe vera saplings and is today the founder of Naturelo Agro. Aloe vera by   Naturelo Agro is appreciated and used by Patanjali. 

The key from Harish Dhandev’s success story is the perfect amalgamation of technology along with farming that he is imbibing, to create an agricultural history that would set inspiration to coming generations. 

To encourage Indian youth (jawan) in getting inspired and continuing taking such risks like Harish Dhandev, the Book My Crop platform is mapped. 

Youth of India who choose to be farmers do not need to rely on their forefathers to establish contact with best buyers. Neither have they had to face the risk of production wastage. 

Exactly here Book My Crop plays a pivotal role. Simply by using Book My Crop, farmers can connect with buyers directly and plan further business. The best part is Book My Crop only connects farmers and buyers whose crop availability and requirements match. 

Additional exciting features that make it easy for farmers to use and avail the benefits of Book My Crop are as follows:

  • Share live crop photo and video
  • Real time notifications for farmers
  • Buyer leads for farmers from all parts of the country
  • Eight crops and related filters
  • 100% free to use
  • Free consultation
  • Multilingual support (Hindi, English and Gujarati)

With both farmers and buyers joining the community every minute, Book My Crop is a vast platform now. Join now if you have a love and passion for farming exactly like Harish Dhandev. 

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