Connecting Farmers and Buyers from Different Parts of India

profile picture BookMyCrop Oct 20, 2020

Book My Crop is an advance online platform aiming to connect buyers and farmers from different parts of India. With thousands of registered farmers, Book My Crop has 8 categories of products (Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Pulses, Flowers, Herbs, Spices, Non-Edibles and Others that buyers can choose from.

In this online platform, buyers get contact details of farmers’ located pan-India. Farmers get in touch with prospective buyers to sell their crops in Book My Crop. 

Book My Crop for Buyers

In Book My Crop, buyers get contact details of prospective farmers whom they can get in touch with and buy crops. As there are thousands of farmers listed in Book My Crop, crops you may choose from the quantity available in best price and quality. 

Get Contact Details of Farmers

Buyers can get direct contact and Whatsapp numbers of farmers if provided by them. This makes it easy to contact them and do further business. 

Choosing Best Farmers of the Country

Crop Wise Farmer Selection: For buyers who well know the category or crop they wish to buy in a particular area, they can simply search the item in their location and get the best farmers leads up to 200 Km.

Distance Wise Farmer Selection: This by default range of searching farmers in a range of 200 kms can further be set to 50Km, 100 Km, 150 km, 200 km, 300 km, 400 Km and 500 Km from the location of the buyer. 

Detailed Farmer Data for Buyers

Other than personal details, buyers also get the following information about a farmer and their corresponding crop:

•          Location (Village, Tehsil, District and State)

•          Land Size

•          Crop Volume/Quantity

•          Expected Date of Cultivation

•          Crop History

•          Related Products

Sort Farmer and Crop List

As there are thousands of farmers listed in the website from different parts of India, the list of farmers for any particular crop or in a location might be long. Buyers can further sort this based on Rating, Price, Weight and Date of Cultivation. 

Book My Crop for Farmers

Book My Crop allows farmers to make a wide reach among buyers in India. The Book My Crop website presently has thousands of farmers with their live crops which buyers in the country can see, negotiate with them and buy.  

What Book My Crop is doing?

Book My Crop is just a gentle effort to help the agricultural ecosystem of India by connecting farmers & buyers for their own advantages. Our aim is farmers can get double the income and buyers can get the best quality crops.

Farmer Registration

For successful registration and crop listing on the Book My Crop website, it is mandatory for farmers to submit their valid Farmer’s Name, Village, Tehsil, District and State in India. 


Farmer Profile

Farmers can also update the following in their Book My Crop profile:

  • Identity Proof – Name and ID Card (with image)
  • Address Detail and Location -Village, Tehsil, District and State (with image)
  • Contact details - Email id, Phone number, Whatsapp Number (with image)
  • Professional details 
  • Family Details
  • Product Category
  • Crop Details
  • Years of Experience
  • Land Details

With maximum farmer data and details, Book My Crop makes it easy for the buyers to make the best choice. 


Live Crop Photographs and Videos:

For displaying crops to buyers, farmers can share live crop photographs and videos on the Book My Crop website only. Uploading live crop photographs and videos on the Book My Crop website benefits farmers in the following ways:

a)         Get more inquiries from buyers

b)         Attract buyers with best quality pictures and videos

c)         Show all crop variants

d)         Add a trust factor by uploading original media files only

e)         Maintain authenticity


About Book My Crop

Book My Crop is India’s 1st real-time agricultural marketplace that aims to connect buyers and farmers directly in one portal. In this online forum, buyers and farmers from different parts of India can connect for profitable business.  Presently, Book My Crop has more than 8 categories listed in the site like Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Pulses, Flowers, Herbs, Spices, Non - Edible and Other from trusted farmers across the country. 


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