Crop Volume with Land Size & Expected Date of Cultivation

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Book My Crop is an advance online platform connecting buyers directly to farmers across India. 


Farmer selection process in Book My Crop

As there are thousands of farmers registered on Book My Crop from different parts of India, buyers prefer to contact famers who serve their requirement. Understanding this, Book My Crop is designed with two selection criteria that for buyers:

  1. Crop Wise Farmer Selection
  2. Distance Wise Crop Selection


Crop Wise Farmer Selection

In Crop Wise Farmer Selection, there are 2 ways:

  1. Crops are listed in around 8 categories in Book My Crop like Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Pulses, Flowers, Herbs, Spices, Non-Edibles and Others. Buyers can refer to any of the categories, check listed crops and get farmer details of only the crops they want to import. 
  2. When the buyer has a certain crop item in mind, they can simply search for it in the Book My Crop website. Any crop can be searched in three languages – Hindi, English and Gujarati respectively. 


Distance Wise Crop Selection

When a buyer searches a particular crop in the Book My Crop website, all farmers with the respective crop within 200Kms (location of buyer as set) appears in a list. This distance diameter can be customized by the buyer for getting better farmer and crop details. Distance can be set at 50Km, 100 Km, 150 km, 200 km, 300 km, 400 Km and 500 Km from the location the buyer sets. 


Available Information for Buyers

At Book My Crop, out of the below buyers may get as much as information if provided by the farmer:

  • Location (Village, Tehsil, District and State)
  • Land Size
  • Crop Volume/Quantity
  • Crop Images 
  • Crop Videos
  • Expected Date of Cultivation
  • Crop History
  • Related Products

The above information is available to buyers on both Crop Wise Farmer Selection and Distance Wise Crop Selection. 


Sorting Farmer Data

As there are thousands of farmers listed on Book My Crop from different parts of India, the list of farmers for any particular crop or location might be long. Buyers can further sort this based on Rating, Price, Weight and Date of Cultivation. 


About Book My Crop

Book My Crop is India’s 1st real-time location-based agriculture marketplace that aims to connect buyers and farmers directly in one portal. In this online forum, buyers and farmers from different parts of India can connect for profitable business.  Presently, Book My Crop has more than 8 categories listed in the site like Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Pulses, Flowers, Herbs, Spices, Non-Edibles and Others from farmers across the country. 


Stay tuned for new exciting features to come in!


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