Different Farm Power Sources

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Farm electricity can come from a variety of sources, including:

  • Human potential
  • Animal strength
  • Electrification
  • Mechanical strength
  • Energy from renewable sources

Human Potential
At the farm, human power is the primary source of power for small equipment and tools. Labour is also used for static activities such as chaff slicing, threshing, lifting, water and so on. For agricultural purposes, the average person can produce a maximum strength of roughly 0.1 hp.

Animal strength
For typical agrarian tasks, the force generated by a pair of bullocks is roughly 1HP. Throughout the year, bullocks participate in a variety of farm tasks. Animals such as camels, buffaloes, horses, donkeys, buffaloes, and elephants are also utilised in a few places in addition to bullocks. An animal's typical load capacity is about a tenth of its body weight.

Mechanical strength
Immovable oil engines, power tillers, tractors, and self-propelled reapers are examples of mechanical power. An internal combustion engine is a handy device for converting liquid fuel into useable artwork (mechanical work).

There are two different sorts of engines:
1.Engines with a spark ignition system.
2.Engines with a compression ignition system.

In agriculture, electrical power is usually used in the form of electric motors. Farmers benefit from electrical machines. As long as the equipment are running smoothly, the operational cost remains constant over time, and maintenance requires less attention and care. The dairy sector, water pumping, farm product processing, and a variety of other industries require electrical appliances.

Energy from renewable sources
Renewable energy is energy derived from natural sources such as the sun, wind and water. They are utilised in the home and in agriculture fields with the appropriate machinery. Lighting, water heating, water pumping, food processing and electric generation can all be done with renewable energy.

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