Expectations of Farmers in Agriculture

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Agriculture (farming) and farmers are the two fundamental elements that are linked. The agricultural industry has always been a hot topic for debate, finding solutions and improving output. Agriculture is only as good as the farmers efforts.
Agriculture can be found in both rural and urban locations. Farmers want agriculture to provide greater output while also increasing crop production and yielding better results.
According to the poll, the agriculture production sector contributes only 13% of the Gross Domestic Product, while the rest of the labour accounts for 44%. However, this is unacceptable in other areas, as the poor do not earn enough to meet their basic needs.
Farmers with fewer than five acres of land, on the other hand, account for up to 85% of all farmers and their revenue comes from either farming or nonfarming activities paid on a daily basis.
If we look at the situation of small farmers or even marginal farmers, we can see that they are solely reliant on agriculture. If output is good, the farmers can earn a good living, but if it is not, the expected income cannot be met.
Farmers are forced to deal with serious market risks, as well as productive or non-productive agriculture issues.
Farmers anticipate more from agriculture if they can provide good quality foodgrains, crops and a superior nutrient at a lower cost.
However, as we all know, India is a developing country and our country continues to face challenges in the agricultural sector. Though agriculture is the main source of income, the people here are reliant on its continued expansion.
Growth will only be possible if our farmers have access to all of the necessary resources, which will be possible thanks to the government's planned programmes and initiatives.
Farmers with their own land or who are tenants on the land expect greater output outcomes from their farmland. It depends on the type of crops they grow on the land and how much profit they get from those crops.
Farmers expect a lot, but they only get a third of the profit margin. There are numerous forms of farming done on various types of land farms, but issues such as climate change, weather reports, unfamiliar crop circumstances, negative influence on land and so on affect farmers expectations from agriculture production.

Expectations of Farmers for the Agriculture System
Farmers are essential to the agricultural system. They work hard to give people all over the world with high-quality crops, nutrients and foodgrains. Farmers key goal is to obtain appropriate raw materials and products on a greater scale in order to complete manufacturing in the shortest period possible.
Farmers have long worked hard to ensure the nation's food security.
Farmers concentrate on several types of farming that are appropriate for their land or agriculture. Intensive farming, crop rotation, subsistence farming, plantation agriculture, dry agriculture, shifting agriculture and other agricultural methods are used.

Farmers Advantages in Agriculture

  • Modern technologies or the agricultural system will provide additional opportunities for farmers.
  • Farmers may supply their communities with greater resources.
  • The economy's rapid expansion.
  • A better system and better use of tools and implements in agriculture.
  • It contributes to the eradication of poverty.
  • Good farming contributes to the creation of jobs and the expansion of the economy.

Farmers on the other hand, are agriculture's and agriculture production's primary source. Thus, meeting the basic needs of farmers in terms of agriculture products, inputs, or chemicals that are free of pesticides and insecticides can lead to proper agricultural growth and provide answers to farmers.
Agriculture is the primary source of income for farmers. How will farmers be able to make a living if agriculture isn't doing well? This is a big worry and the government is responding by establishing numerous farm schemes and policies to increase farmer income. The following are some of the key government programmes aimed at increasing farmer income:

Farmers will receive Rupees 6000 annually in three instalments under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Yojna scheme.
Farmers are also benefited by completing the registration process under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna.

Farmers and agriculture are two of the world's primary sources of income. The agricultural farming system would not be possible without the participation and labour of the farmers. However, as output scales up, so do farmers expectations.
In order to get superior growth and output results, all resources must be available at the appropriate time. Farmers anticipate their crops to grow quickly, resulting in better profits, yet owing to a variety of factors, small farmers often have to suffer greatly.
The government has devised a number of strategies and schemes to address this serious problem and provide farmers with a basic income.

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