Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme

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Since January 26, 1996, the Gujarat government has established the Farmer's Accidental Insurance Scheme, which provides insurance coverage to registered farmers in the event of accidental death or permanent disability. This programme is entirely funded by the state government. The state government pays the insurance premiums for all farmers under this scheme. From April 1, 2008, the Gujarat Community Group-Janta Accidental Insurance Scheme is being administered by the Director of Insurance in Gandhinagar.

The scheme's major goal is to help the registered farmer's successor, all children (son/daughter) and the registered farmer's husband/wife in the event of death or incapacity caused by an accident.

All registered farmers, any child (son/daughter) of the farmer and the farmer's husband/wife with an age range of 5 to 70 years are eligible for the scheme in the event of accidental death or permanent handicap.

Main Requirements:

  • A registered farmer (Have Individual or Joint name land) or a child of a registered farmer (Son or Daughter) or the husband/wife of a registered farmer should be deceased or permanently disabled.
  • Accidents must be the cause of death or permanent impairment.
  • This plan does not cover suicide or natural death.
  • Persons between the ages of 5 and 70 who have died or are permanently disabled.
  • Within 150 days, an application shall be submitted to the concerned District Agriculture Officer's office.

Assistance Rates Revised:

  • According to the Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation Department's updated resolution dated November 13, 2018, the beneficiary's aid has been revised as follows:
  • 100% support of Rs. 2 lakh in the event of accidental death or permanent disability.
  • If you lose two eyes, two limbs, a hand and a leg, or one eye and one hand or leg due to an accident, you will receive 100% assistance of Rs. 2 lakh (100 percent full sight loss in case of eye, In case of hand- loss of upper part of the wrist and in case of the leg- totally cut off from the knee)
  • In the event of an accidental loss of one eye or limb, 50 percent assistance of Rs. 1lakh would be provided.

The beneficiaries of the plan are listed in chronological order:

  • In the absence of his/her husband/wife
  • In the absence of their children, son/daughter
  • In the absence of their father or mother,
  • In the absence of I, II, and III, Grand Son/Grand Daughter
  • Sisters who are unmarried, widowed, or exiled and live with the beneficiary
  • Other from the above-mentioned and contentious instances, any heirs declared under the Heirs Act applied to the beneficiary implicated.

How to get benefits of the scheme:
In the event of an accident, the applicant will become the accidental farmer's successor and in the event of an accident, the applicant will become the disabled person himself. Within 150 days of the date of death or accidental impairments, the applicant must submit the application, along with the required documents, to the respective District Agricultural Officer, District Panchayat. After 150 days, your application will be deemed ineligible.

The following is a list of documents that were attached to the claim application:

  • Submission in the specified format Annexures -1, 2, 3, 3(A), 4,5, 7/12, 8-A, and Form no.6 (certified extract after death date)
  • Report on the Aftermath.
  • Spot panchnama & F.I.R Report of a police inquest or a court order.
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate's Death Certificate and Age Proof Case Approval Report.
  • In the case of permanent disability, a disability certificate from the Medical Board/Civil Surgeon must be presented, as well as a photograph demonstrating the disablement.
  • If the deceased was driving at the time of the accident, he or she must have a valid driver's licence.
  • Bond of indemnity.
  • Report on Heriditary (Pedhinamu).
  • In the case of a Successor (where the husband and wife are not Successors), a Heriditary Report (Pedhinamu) is required.
  • Any additional proof required by the Director of Insurance.

Scheme Modifications:
The Finance Department of the Gujarat government, in a resolution dated June 25, 2007, merged the state's several departments' accidental insurance programmes into a single comprehensive insurance system, which includes the Farmer Accidental Insurance Scheme. From April 1, 2008, the scheme is being implemented by the Director of Insurance, Gandhinagar. Amendments to the Finance Department's resolution dated 25.06.2007 resulted in a comprehensive resolution being issued on 01.04.2013.
From 01/04/2012, the registered farmer's first surviving child (son/daughter) was covered and from 01/04/2016, the registered farmer's husband/wife was protected under the Farmer Accidental Insurance Scheme.
Increases in assistance in the farmer accidental insurance scheme, coverage of any child instead of the first survive child and coverage of registered farmers as per revenue record at the time of accident or permanent disability are all included in the revised resolution dated 13/11/2018 of the Agriculture, Farmer Welfare and Co-operation Department.

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