How Can India's Agriculture Be Modernized

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Agriculture employs 50 to 60% of the Indian population and accounts for 16% of the country's GDP. Currently, farming is the principal activity of the majority of peasants in the country. Nonetheless, it is depressing to observe that people in India lack fundamental information about agricultural implements. They are still unaware of new and improved methods for increasing crop productivity. Despite the fact that the majority of citizens work in agriculture, the country does not produce enough food to sustain its population. To feed India's population, tones of food grains are imported from other wealthy countries each year. So, where do we fall short? What are we doing incorrectly? There are a few factors that contribute to the country's agricultural backwardness. These are the following:

The yield of crops is altered each year by the uncertainty and volatility of the monsoon.
Due to the country's growing population, more and more land is being acquired, leaving limited room for farming.
Canal irrigation is not available, thus farmers must rely on the rainy season for a good harvest.

The only way to solve these issues is for India's agricultural situation to be modernized. However, how can India's agriculture be modernized? Farmers will be able to discover new ways of doing things that have been undiscovered for years if they embrace the internet. It will allow them to overcome the obstacles that impede crop growth and improve agricultural productivity.

Here are a few ideas for modernizing the country's agricultural situation.

Where do the best crops grow?
It's critical to understand that each crop requires various soil and atmospheric conditions to thrive; nevertheless, determining the correct soil for a crop can be difficult. How can a farmer determine the best growing circumstances for his or her crops? How would he know which land is best suited for growing particular crop? This is when a survey of agricultural land can be beneficial.
An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a small plane that is used to monitor and observe crucial data such as multispectral imagery, visual and thermal imagery, humidity, weather conditions at 1 cm/pixel resolution and air pressure. This information will assist the farmer in making an educated decision.

Irrigate the fields in an efficient manner.
Crops need the proper amount of water at the right time to develop optimally. As a result, it's critical to keep track of the field's irrigation. While it may be a difficult task due to a lack of water, it should be prioritized.
Irrigation can be made easier by purchasing farm equipment in India, such as humidity sensors and water monitoring systems. Humidity sensors are utilized to measure the moisture level of the soil and the water valves automatically feed water to the field depending on this information. 
It is feasible to waste less water and irrigate the field more frequently using smart irrigation, resulting in optimal crop growth. Furthermore, in drought-prone areas, water management is critical, as is detecting any unauthorised water consumption.

Make Use of the Right Tools.
Farmers must obtain the appropriate equipment rather than relying on animals to accomplish their farming. Farmers will benefit from the introduction of new agriculture equipment such as tractors, front-end loaders, backhoes and other tools that will help them boost their output. Aside from the equipment, it's also critical to look after the crops.
Instead of relying on animals like oxen, buffalo and camels, farmers should invest in mechanical farm equipment that will generate excellent results while reducing the amount of manual labour required. Using a seed drill instead of manually planting can reduce work load while enhancing efficiency.

Evaluate the product's performance.
Even if the weather is ideal, the irrigation system is in place, the equipment is modernized and pest management is in place, there is a potential that the plant will refuse to grow well. As a result, it's critical to monitor and analyse the product's performance on a regular basis. This is where smart technology can assist and make the evaluation of many metrics with sensors more convenient.
You'll need remote sensors to monitor humidity, pressure, soil and air temperature and a variety of other concerns. A farmer will be able to take the essential steps and plan his moves more effectively if he has access to the data given above. When plants are bred in the best possible environment, they will produce higher-quality crops and boost productivity.

Get rid of the bugs.
Pests feed on healthy crops, causing farmers to lose a significant amount of money. As a result, it's critical to figure out when pests are more likely to strike and what precautions should be done early in the crop production cycle.
Pest sensors can be installed here to track pest behaviour, population and assess various parameters that attract pests. The sensor will autonomously spray insecticide in the fields based on the acquired data whenever it is needed and in the correct quantity.
Farmers must also be educated, in addition to the aforementioned points. The lack of education is one of the most serious problems that Indian farmers face. While citizens in industrialised countries like the United States and the United Kingdom attend universities to study agriculture, Indian farmers lack even the most basic schooling. They continue to adopt old-fashioned and outmoded agricultural methods, which result in the loss of vital resources, a high rate of crop damage, and over-farming.

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