How farm digitalization aids in enforcing a set of farming practices

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Benefits of digitization the agricultural package of practises / Importance of the agricultural package of practises and its digitization / Importance of PoP farming and its problems

Due to the Green Revolution, agriculture underwent a dramatic shift, and the poor world was able to overcome long-standing shortfalls to attain food security. Through selective breeding, rice and wheat yields in emerging nations increased from the 1960s to the 1990s and beyond. To replace old farming techniques that required high input and produce optimal yields, research groups and agricultural institutions created a specialized package of practises (PoP).

How do PoPs work?
PoPs include scientific recommendations that make it possible to manage the entire crop cycle, from seed selection through harvest, increasing agricultural production. PoPs are the product of thorough investigation on a particular crop's biological characteristics, soil, nutrient, water, and climate requirements, as well as vulnerability to diseases and pests. Since PoPs are customized for a specific crop, even genetic variations of the same crop cannot interchange them.

Thus, before implementing PoPs, a detailed analysis of the land is necessary. Find out if the crop is appropriate for the climate of the area. The status of nutrients must be determined through soil analysis. If there aren't any irrigation facilities, they need to be looked out and built. The availability of seeds, pesticides, fertilizer, and other inputs should also be examined.

There is a developing new revolution
With the use of data and technology, the benefits made possible by the adoption of PoPs in agriculture will dramatically increase. McKinsey estimates that successful adoption of connectivity in agriculture will result in an increase of $500 billion in the global gross domestic product by 2030, which equates to an increase in productivity of 7-9%. Although there are digital potential, putting those opportunities into practise is very difficult. The agriculture sector is on the verge of another revolution, this one driven by data and technology, which will fundamentally alter it.

For seed firms, closely following to PoP becomes essential since it ensures that the genetic purity of the seed is maintained and that crop output is maximized. Agricultural operations are integrating analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and other emerging technologies to better utilize inputs, enhance resilience and sustainability, and increase production in farming and animal husbandry. The huge influence that digital technologies could have on India's smallholder farmers is about to be realized.

PoP digitization to verify compliance
With the use of smart farm management technologies, PoP implementation may be digitalized in all areas, from seed selection and sowing cycle tracking through certification and market connections. These platforms collect biometric crop data, geotag farms, and digitized farmer and farm profiles. The platform should also have additional features like yield estimation, alerts for pests and diseases, remote monitoring of crops and input utilization, etc. The platforms also allow field teams to customize workflow and task management, and they include customized dashboards for managing alarms and activity logs.

Farmers can access crop calendars, weather forecasts, seed recommendations, guidance on when and how much to use pesticides, fertilizer, and irrigation, as well as the most recent agricultural product market prices, through farmer advisory services. The platforms enable the development of certification templates based on acknowledged regional and global standards. They can set up internal controls to monitor non-compliance and propose remedies to bring about compliance.

A plentiful crop for farmers and seed suppliers is guaranteed by educating farmers about implementing PoP and doing it from start to finish. In order to ensure that farmers follow PoP recommendations throughout the crop cycle, modern agtech is crucial.

It is also possible to manage the entire supply chain for agricultural products with smart farming technology. It has the ability to offer total real-time visibility of the full value chain, recording data of transactions and purchases while facilitating accurate and timely payments to farmers.

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