How to Apply under PM Kisan Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) Yojna

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The Centre is operating numerous initiatives to promote agriculture and improve the economic situations of farmers in the country, one of which is the PM Kisan FPO (Farmer Producer Organization) Yojana. The Central Government administers the PM Kisan FPO Yojana, which provides financial assistance to farmers' organisations in the amount of Rs 15 lakh for agricultural purposes.

What is Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO)?

FPO is a group of farmers who operate for the benefit of other farmers and are incorporated under the Companies Act. They take agricultural producers forward.


  • Because it is a national government scheme, all farmers in the country can benefit from the PM Kisan FPO Yojana.
  • To take benefit of this program, approximately 11 farmers will need to organise their own group.
  • If this organisation of 11 farmers works in a flat terrain, they will need to pull in roughly 300 farmers.
  • If this group works in a hilly location, it will need to connect with approximately 100 farmers.
  • Farmers affiliated with the group will find it very simple to purchase important things such as seeds, fertiliser, and agricultural equipment.

How to File Application under PM Kisan FPO Yojana?

Farmers who want to apply for this plan online will have to wait for a while because the Centre has not yet begun the registration procedure. The government will send out a notification as soon as the application procedure begins.

There will be no middlemen, and funds will be transferred directly to farmers' accounts.

The Centre would provide financial help to FPO in the amount of Rs. 15 lakh under this plan, which will be paid by the government within three years.

The Central Government will spend around Rs 6865 crore on the PM Kisan FPO Yojana by 2024!

Benefits of PM KISAN FPO Yojna:

Small and marginal farmers lack the financial resources to invest in production technologies, services, and marketing, including value addition. Farmers will have greater collective strength as a result of the creation of FPOs, which will provide them with better access to quality input, technology, credit, and better marketing access through economies of scale, resulting in higher income realisation.

Eligibility Criteria:

For Small and Marginal Farmers, the Pradhan Mantri Farmer Producer Committee Scheme is currently a good effort. So, in order to be a part of FPO/FPC, you must meet the qualifying requirements listed below.

  • An individual must be a farmer by profession.
  • An applicant must be an Indian citizen.
  • Must have 300 farmers max. under FPO on the ground.
  • Must have 100 farmers max. under FPO in the hilly region.
  • Must be a member of the FPO group.
  • Must possess their own cultivable land.

Disclaimer: All the data mentioned in this article is only for information purposes and is fetched from reliable sources.


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