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Agronomists are experts in ecological, crop, and soil science. Agronomy considers the following as a combination of plant genetics and the environment in which the plants grow:

  • Composition of crops
  • Breeding efficiency for plants
  • Environmental elements including the time of year, the temperature, the soil's quality, etc.
  • Using agricultural products other than food for textiles and fuel
  • Factors that stress the crops, etc.

How do agricultural methods work?
Agronomy broadens the data available to farmers by examining the crops and their surroundings. It does this by utilizing both scientific methods and conventional knowledge systems. Such agronomic approaches have the following effects:

  • Agriculture innovation
  • Improved crop yield
  • Pest control methods
  • Ecosystem preservation, improved soil quality, and less deterioration in the same

Just a few of the outcomes of agronomic techniques are listed here. Farmers all over the world can use these methods in various ways. Agronomy can be used to agricultural activities including integrated pest management, landscape management, harvesting, storage, and every stage of the seed-to-harvest process.

Advantages of agronomy
The conservation and optimization of resources are some of the most significant advantages of agronomic methods. A farmer can benefit from nutrient-rich soil for their crops for a longer period of time by regulating the health of the soil. Similar to this, a farmer can maintain crop quality as well as abundance by managing crop health. The farmer can learn about water usage through agronomy. Crops can be harmed by either excessive or insufficient water use.

Long-term sustainability is also a priority with sustainable methods. Farmers benefit from agronomy's methods and expertise in:

  • Improved defences against climate change
  • Local pest control techniques for crops
  • Utilizing techniques like agroforestry to increase field production
  • Increasing the nutrient content of crops, etc.
  • It's important to remember that agronomy may assist farmers in accessing global information bases as well.

India and agriculture
In 1955, the Indian Society of Agronomy was founded, and in 1957 it was officially recognized as a society. This society, among others, puts out a publication with a wealth of knowledge for farmers. Additionally, it plans occasions like the international agronomy conference, which brings together well-known figures in the agriculture industry from all over the world. This presents India with a significant chance to examine what other countries are doing to address issues related to agriculture, food, and nutrition.

2021 saw the 24th international symposium on plantation crops take place in Kochi, Kerala. This conference brings together researchers, scientists, and academicians to discuss topics including agronomy and soil science. Whether it's plantation crops or spices, occasions like today offer farmers another another chance to connect with business and academia to learn best practises.

The Division of Agronomy at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research assists farmers with boosting the productivity of important crop systems and producing crops in a sustainable manner. Other educational programmes and institutions that are contributing to the improvement of Indian agriculture have come out of this Division.

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