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profile picture BookMyCrop Apr 16, 2021

Even before hearing about Book My Crop, Indian farmers used to have connections with buyers and also maintained an ongoing crop selling process perhaps for years. Then, why shift to Book My Crop? 

Often farmers reach us to understand how Book My Crop can create a difference to their current agricultural system? Here is our answer. 

Well, farmers who stick to the same buyer for years might be selling their crops, but without much difference in the profit quotient. Thus, as a platform unifying buyers and farmers, in Book My Crop, when farmers upload their crops, buyers are immediately sent a notification. Based on which interested buyers can get in touch with farmers. 

When farmers get different leads from buyers for their crops, they can have an improved understanding about how much buyers are willing to pay for their crops. Further, farmers can negotiate and sell the crop to only the buyer who offers the maximum price. 

Thus, there remains no doubt that Book My Crop aims to boost farmer income by putting them directly in touch with thousands of buyers who are willing to pay good prices for quality crops.  

If that sounds interesting and as a farmer, you are keen to join Book My Crop, then here is the flowchart of how farmers can use Book My Crop:

  1. Download the Book My Crop app from Google Play Store or from Apple Store. 

  2. Book My Crop farmer registration process starts with a valid mobile number and OTP registration. 

  3. Next, farmers can upload their crop photos and videos. 

  4. This is followed by Crop Type, Map Address, Crop Weight, Weight Unit, Harvesting Date, Price Per Unit, Land Unit and Land Area. Then, click on ‘Submit Crop’. 

  5. In the next slide, farmers can fill the following details such as First name, Last name, Date of Birth, Ownership, Main Crop, Crop Category, Experience, Phone number, Whatsapp number, email and alt email. 

  6. At this point, farmers can set their password for Book My Crop. 

  7. In residential details, farmers need to fill map address, postal address, landmark, pincode, district, tehsil and village. 

  8. Cross check all details before submission in Book My Crop. 

  9. Wait up to 48 hours for crops to get live on the Book My Crop. 

  10. Get response from buyers about your crops.

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