Satellite Farming Or GPS

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The Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Global Information System (GIS) have advanced significantly in recent years. These technologies enable the quick processing and analysis of enormous amounts of geospatial data by combining real-time data collection with exact location data. Most crucially, anyone with a smartphone that has a GPS chip can now use the technique.
Precision farming is now simple thanks to GPS, which enables activities like farm planning, field mapping, soil sample, crop scouting, and yield mapping. Farmers can use GPS to work in conditions with poor vision, such as rain, dust, fog, and darkness. With this, monitoring for the control of insects, weeds, and pests is now simple.

Manufacturers of GPS equipment have created a number of solutions to help farmers and agribusinesses increase the productivity and efficiency of their precision farming operations. Today, many farmers use goods derived from GPS to enhance their farming practises. The receivers gather geographic information to map crop problems like weeds or disease as well as field boundaries, roads, and irrigation systems. Farmers can create farm maps that detail the acreage for agricultural regions, the positions of the roads, and the separations between other objects of interest. It enables farmers to precisely navigate to specific locations in the field to collect soil samples or check on crop conditions year after year.

Benefits Of GPS Agriculture

  • Accurate soil sampling, data gathering, and analysis. This facilitates the placement of targeted pesticides and the modification of planting density.
  • Accurate field navigation enables the fastest possible ground coverage by lowering the number of duplicate applications and regions ignored.
  • Working in low visibility field conditions including rain, dust, fog, and darkness increases productivity.
  • Removing human "flaggers" increases spray effectiveness and decreases overspray.
  • Future site-specific field preparation is made possible by accurately monitored yield data.

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