See Farmer’s Name, Village, Tehsil, District and State in India

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Book My Crop is an advance online platform connecting buyers directly to farmers across India. It functions online only. 

Farmer Details in Book My Crop

Book My Crop offers India’s largest directory of farmers. Each farmer at Book My Crop has name, village, tehsil, district and state in India. Keeping these details is primarily to maintain a record and an effort to offer maximum basic farmer data to buyers so they can negotiate with them.   Farmers can get best rates and buyers can get best deals.


Thousands of Farmer Records

Book My Crop has listed records of over thousands of farmers from different parts of India. Once buyers choose to get in touch with any listed farmer of Book My Crop, they can get details of the farmer like name, village, tehsil, district and state from Book My Crop only. 


Get In Touch With Best Farmers Pan-India

At Book My Crop, we aim to connect buyers with the best farmers of the country, all farmer details include their phone number as well. Availability of phone numbers makes it easy for buyers to contact farmers they want to based on crop availability and distance. Buyers get contact details of farmers from different parts of the country who offer varied range of crops at the lowest price. 


Choosing Best Farmers & Their Crops

There are two primary ways of choosing farmers at Book My Crop

  1. First is definitely based on the variety of crop a buyer is looking for and its availability. 
  2. Second, farmers can also be chosen distance wise. Buyers can set a distance diameter up to 500Km and get a list of all farmers and their crops in that particular area. This allows buyers to locate farmers and crops they intend to buy from their own place. 


About Book My Crop

Book My Crop is India’s 1st real-time location-based agriculture marketplace that aims to connect buyers and farmers directly in one portal. In this online forum, buyers and farmers from different parts of India can connect for profitable business.  Presently, Book My Crop has more than 8 categories listed in the site like Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Pulses, Flowers, Herbs, Spices, Non-Edibles and Others from farmers across the country. 


Stay tuned for new exciting features to come in!


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