Sow this crop in May, and the globe will benefit greatly.

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If you wish to make money by producing crops according to the seasons, seed a crop in May, which will yield a higher profit. So, today, we're going to tell you about the crops that can be planted in May.
Most of the farmers in the country prefer to cultivate depending on the weather. They believe that seasonal farming gives more profit to the farmers as their demand in the market is also the highest. We also know the month of May as Vaishakh-Jyeshtha. Apart from this, the Arrival of summer arrives this month.
Let me tell you that the farmers of the country believe May to be the optimum month for sowing the Kharif crop. So, now, we're going to tell you about the crops that can be cultivated in the month of May and how farmers can cultivate the crop in May Cultivation Of Crops.
Farmers must plant crops in their fields according to the same season if they want a high yield at the proper time. As a result, farmers should begin sowing that crop in preparation for the coming season so that they may earn a decent market price for it. In such a case, we now know what crops farmers should focus on in order to make a profit on time.

These crops are being worked on May.

  • Farmers clean their rabi crops thoroughly in the month of May. So he can start planting the next crop.
  • Only then does seeding of maize, sorghum and other crops begin in the field.
  • Farmers are turning their fields and ploughing them well this month. Farmers also irrigate the sugarcane crop around 90 to 92 days. Farmers then irrigate their maize, sorghum and other crops for 10 to 12 days.
  • Apart from that, farmers take extra care of mango plants in May because the weather is hotter. This month also sees the planting of taro root, ginger and turmeric.

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