Top 5 Dominating Drip Irrigation Companies in India

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Farmers have found it more difficult to cultivate their crops due to the increasing scarcity of water that is affecting the land, as well as issues with subsurface water table levels. The Indian government has made a concerted effort to hasten the implementation of drip irrigation systems in fields.

Some state governments are even offering farmers a 90% subsidy if they install and employ drip irrigation. As a result, it becomes a far more appealing option, both in terms of water conservation and crop care.

Want to know who is dominating drip irrigation in the agriculture sector? Here we have listed the Top 5 Dominating Drip Irrigation Companies in India:

1. Netafim

2. Jain Irrigation Systems

3. Kisan Irrigation

4. Ecoflo India

5. BluRain

1. Netafim:

Netafim is a company that makes irrigation equipment in Israel. The company manufactures drippers, dripper lines, sprinklers, and micro-emitters. Netafim also creates and distributes crop management technologies including monitoring and control systems, dosing systems, and crop management software, as well as a variety of services including managed irrigation, agronomical consultancy, and operation and maintenance. In 2012, Netafim was the global leader in the fast-growing drip and micro-irrigation market. With a 30 per cent global market share, it was the world's top provider of drip irrigation systems.

2. Jain Irrigation Systems:

Jain Irrigation Systems, or Jains, is a global firm located in Jalgaon, India. It employs over 12,000 people worldwide, has 11,000 dealers and distributors, and operates 33 manufacturing facilities dealing in drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, dosing systems, integrated irrigation automation systems for monitoring and control, solar power, solar water-heating systems, plastic sheets, greenhouses, PVC and PE piping systems, bio-fertilizers, and tissue culture plants.

3. Kisan Irrigation:

Kisan Irrigation, which was created in 1982, is a well-known name in the agricultural, building and construction, and infrastructure industries. The company has grown from a single location to a multi-location operation with over 500 employees and a nationwide dealer network of 1000+ dealers. Kisan Irrigation is not just India's largest supplier of plastic goods, but it is also a market leader in PVC Pipes & Fittings, with a reputation for product excellence and high-quality standards. Because of Kisan Irrigation's extensive understanding of India's economic variety, the company has been able to provide products for every market category.

The manufacturing facilities at Kisan Irrigation are well-equipped with high-tech, state-of-the-art extrusion and injection moulding machines. As a result, the company's product range now meets worldwide standards for quality and finish. Kisan Irrigation has always placed a strong emphasis on marketing. The company has built up a solid marketing network over the years, which has allowed it to maintain a timely supply of products across the length and width of its market.

4. EcofloIndia:

EcofloIndia is a leading provider of drip irrigation systems in India and around the world. They are also one of India's premier irrigation system manufacturers, with some of the world's best micro irrigation systems. Drip irrigation allows farmers to save a lot of money on fertiliser. Higher yields and quality have resulted as a result, according to stem experts and suppliers in India and around the world.

5. BluRain:

BLURAIN, based in Delhi NCR, has been committed to offering the best aesthetic waterworks services to the landscaping industry since 2010. They are a turnkey contracting and consulting company that specialises in automatic irrigation systems, swimming pools, pop-up irrigation systems, commercial water features, sprinkler irrigation systems, garden fountains, and mist cooling systems. Technically sound design, first-rate quality items, amazing installation, and reasonable rates have helped them become one of India's most reputable firms in this field.

Disclaimer: All the data mentioned in this article is only for information purposes and is fetched from reliable sources.


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