What role does sulphur have in the crop? Find out how to utilise it.

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Manure is used by the farmer to increase crop yield. Because getting a good crop yield without fertiliser is difficult. The most important necessity is to choose the right fertiliser for the crop. It is critical to understand which fertiliser will be most beneficial to the crop. DAP is commonly used by farmer for their crops. Urea and occasionally potash muriate are utilised.

Today, we'll discuss agricultural fertilisers, which farmers frequently overlook. Sulfur is its name. In soil nutrition, sulphur is the fourth most important element. On the farm, there is a severe sulphur shortage. Sulfur is a chemical compound. It's a light yellowish white colour. What is the role of sulphur in agriculture? What difference does it make? To get all of the information, read the entire article.

Sulfur varieties
Sulfur comes in three varieties:
1.Sulfides of nonmetals
2.Sulfides of metals
3.Sulfides organic

Sulfur usage
All crops benefit from the usage of sulphur.
Sulfur enhances the percentage of oil in oilseed crops.
Sulfur improves the percentage of soil fertility.
Plants benefit from sulphur as well.
In plants, sulphur boosts enzyme activity.
Vegetables and fodder crops all benefit from sulphur.
The amount of starch in potatoes is increased by sulphur.

Sulfur deficiency symptoms in crops 
Plants that are deficient in sulphur turn yellow.
Sulfur shortage begins in the plant's top parts or young leaves.
Sulfur shortage stops plants from growing.
Sulfur shortage lowers the greenery of plants.
Sulfur deficit has caused food crops to be late.
Due to a shortage of sulphur, seeds do not mature properly.
Violet leaves and stems are caused by a sulphur deficit.
Plants that lack sulphur grow yellow, green, slender and small in size.
Plant stems become thin and rigid in the absence of sulphur.
Potato leaves turn yellow, stems become rigid and root development is slowed due to a lack of sulphur.
The crop does not blossom or yield fruit due to a lack of sulphur.

What role does sulphur play in plants?
Amino acids require it as a component.
It is required for chlorophyll synthesis in the leaves.
In plants, it aids in the production of oil and enzymes.
Beans aid in the formation of crop knots.

SSP is used to treat sulphur deficiency. Fertilizers containing phosphogypsum and sulphur should be used.

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