World Nature Conservation Day

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The 28th of July is observed worldwide as World Nature Conservation Day each year. It is a joy to educate people about the importance of protecting natural resources. On this day, the value of protecting the environment is explained. Deforestation, illegal wildlife trade, pollution, plastics, climate change, global warming, etc. are just a few of the problems that nature is currently dealing with.

Around the world, on this day, specific awareness programmes are held to promote the idea that a clean environment is the basis of a strong and stable human society. The major goal of World Nature Conservation Day is to rescue trees and animals that are in danger of going extinct from the earth's natural environment. Therefore, everyone has a duty to protect the environment.

History of World Environment Day
It is unknown when World Nature Conservation Day first occurred. But it only exists to come together on July 28 and work to preserve nature. We are actually having a lot of issues right now because of a natural imbalance. Among these are things like higher temperature, different diseases, and natural calamities. Nobody can save the earth from devastation if nature is not safeguarded. Just now are its negative repercussions starting to surface.

Meaning of World Nature Conservation Day
In order for our society to be stable and productive both now and in the future, it is important to have a healthy environment. Along with this, it is also hoped that people will realize that, even when using nature for their own benefit, they have a duty to protect it for present and future generations. It's crucial to understand what we can do to fulfil this obligation.

All humans and their ability to survive on earth depend on the preservation of the natural world. Since the earth provides all the essentials for life water, air, trees, animals, food, soil, and minerals it is up to humanity to keep the environment safe and clean.

Theme for World Nature Conservation Day in 2022
"Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and the Planet" is the subject of World Nature Conservation Day in 2022. This subject mostly concerns how humans might use nature in a sustainable manner for things like mining, hunting, and conservation.

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