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Book My Crop is a one-of-a-kind internet portal that connects Indian farmers with purchasers. Buyers that use Book My Crop receive the direct contact information of farmers with whom they can communicate depending on crop availability or distance for future business. Farmers may enhance their income by connecting with the best purchasers from various parts of India with Book My Crop. Farmers and buyers are joining Book My Crop virtually every minute, and it has grown to a forum of over 20,000 farmers, making it an excellent and the best agriculture portal in India that has been set up to bring farmers and buyers together on a single platform.

With each farmer supplying a unique variety of fresh local crops, the number of crops categorised in Book My Crop has increased to 8 or more. Book My Crop has gained immense popularity among the top online agritech companies in India, as it helps buyers to buy crops at the most affordable price and also the farmer to get the best price for their crops.

  • Book My Crop offers eight crop categories: vegetables, fruits, pulses, grains, spices, flowers, herbs, non-edibles, and others.
  • With the ‘Popular' crop feature in Book My Crop, producers and buyers can learn about the crops in Book My Crop that have the most potential for profit.
  • Buyers can check farmers and crops from their own location or choose their desired location in Book My Crop.
  • When looking for farmers, buyers in Book My Crop can specify a distance diameter range of up to 500 Kms.
  • There are two ways to find farmers in Book My Crop: by distance and by crop.
  • Farmers can post photographs and videos of their crops on their Book My Crop profile to advertise purchasers' harvests. This also contributes to the preservation of authenticity.
  • Buyers that use Book My Crop receive the farmers' direct contact information for direct conversation. Farmer profiles also include information that allows buyers to have a comprehensive picture of their vocation, region, and crops.
  • Book My Crop is available in three different languages: Hindi, English, and Gujarati.

Other Features of BMC:


Book My Crop is a new-age online platform that connects Indian farmers and Indian buyers. Presently, both farmers and buyers can use the website portal and app version of Book My Crop to avail the best benefits of the excellent online Agri market in India.

Get AI-based Recommendations:

Book My Crop analyses buyer and farmer patterns and provides AI-Based Farmer & Crop recommendations to the buyer as well as AI-Based Buyer suggestions to the farmer.

Real-Time Notifications:

Buyers and farmers in India alike would receive real-time notifications via web portals and smartphone apps. In addition, they will receive notifications by email, SMS, WhatsApp, and a mobile app.

Multilingual Support:

Book My Crop currently provides multilingual services in English, Hindi, and Gujarati. Soon, we will have all of India's state languages available.

Free Consultation:

Book My Crop provides a free consultation to anyone who is having difficulty finding a buyer or a farmer online or buy/sell/sale crops online..

Farmers can upload their live crops to this smartphone app, and buyers (individual buyer, trader, APMC trader, agency, exporter, foreign buyer, etc.) can examine them, interact with the farmers, negotiate with them, and purchase the agricultural produce if they deem it suitable.

Here is presenting briefly our key features for easy understanding of users and prospective users:

1. Online

Book My Crop works 100% online. Presently, both farmers and buyers can use the website portal and app version of Book My Crop to avail the best benefits of Book My Crop.

2. Crop – Categories and Types

New crops are getting added to the Book My Crop portfolio almost on per minute basis. Presently, the crops are divided into 8 categories for easy understanding of all Book My Crop users.

3. Crop selection methods for buyers

Crop Wise Farmer Selection

  • Buyers can simply type the name of the crop that they are looking for bulk supply. Distance Wise Crop Selection
  • Buyers can set distance up to 500 Km and locate all farmers offering different kinds of crops at varied prices.

4. Farmer profile and data

Successfully registered farmers can wide range of information to their Book My Crop profile. The more information shared by a farmer helps buyers to make a better understanding. Farmers with detailed data easily earn buyer trust and interest.

5. Live crop photos and videos

As mentioned earlier, farmers can share both personal and professional details in their Book My Crop profile. Further, farmers can upload live crop photos and videos. This helps them to portray the authenticity of their offering and earn buyer trust and interest.

6. Sorting crop information

With increasing number of farmers’ registering in the Book My Crop portal every passing day, any buyer search has too many options. Buyers can further sort these options as per Rating, Price, Weight and Date of Cultivation.

7. Get in touch with best farmer

As there are thousands of registered farmers in Book My Crop, buyers can easily search their best farmer based on preferences like the crop they want, quantity, price and so on.

8. Boost to the agricultural ecosystem of the country

Book My Crop aims to boost the agricultural ecosystem of India. On one hand, farmers can amplify their income from this portal and on the other hand, buyers can get the source and contact of best crops.

9. Language options

Both Book My Crop website and app can be used in three languages – Hindi, English and Gujarati. This is primarily to enable users from different parts of India use Book My Crop comfortably.

10. Easy to use

Whether you choose to use the Book My Crop website/app, it is very easy to use. Users must complete every step required for continuing using the portal to enjoy best features, offers and discounts.