Book My Crop for Farmers

Farming is a significant element of India's economy, accounting for over 17% of the country's total GDP. More than 60% of the population is employed by it. Farmers are vital for the survival of our varied communities because they provide us with food and fibre, which we utilise for nutrition and clothing. Every day, farming relies on the natural environment and its cautious and appropriate use. Cultivation strategies frequently provide biologically active water filters as well as soil vegetation stabilisation. Farmers in India and farming communities provide an ideal setting for building relationships. They provide opportunities for both young and old to develop experiences in core lifelong principles, as well as an appreciation for accomplishment and the pain of life's most difficult events.

Farmers differ from each other in terms of cultivating crops, and they all play an important role. Farmers who grow crops such as wheat, barley, rice, and other grains are the first. Wheat and rice are the most common foods consumed in Indian families. There are two types of farmers, first, who cultivate and grow cereals, pulses, and vegetables and second who cultivate and grow fruits. Farmers who grow fruits need to prepare unique soil for several varieties of fruits. Because many fruits are seasonal, and they grow at different times of the year. As a result, farmers must have extensive understanding of fruits and crops. There are a lot of other farmers who raise other kinds of crops. Furthermore, they must all labour diligently in order to maximise harvests. Furthermore, farmers account for nearly 18% of the Indian economy. That is the absolute maximum. However, a farmer is still deprived of all of society's luxuries. But not anymore.

Farmers can use Book My Crop to promote their crops and receive queries from possible purchasers. Farmers in India must give their legitimate Farmer's Name, Village, Tehsil, District, and State in order to register.

Farmers can even upload live crop photos and videos on the Book My Crop website and receive the following benefits:

  • Get more inquiries from buyers
  • Attract buyers with the best quality pictures and videos
  • Show all crop variants
  • The addition of a trust factor via uploading original media files only
  • Maintain authenticity

Other Benefits to Farmers:

Accurate crop details:

Book My Crop offers a large directory of farmers. Each farmer at Book My Crop has full contact details, village, tehsil, district, state & country along with farmland size, crop type, expected volume, harvesting date & rates. Keeping these details is primarily to maintain a record in an effort to offer maximum basic farmer & crop details to buyers. Farmers can get best rates and buyers can get best deals.

Crop rates and Rate Trends, Expected date of Cultivation or harvesting:

This helps farmers to display all the crop-related details online to give buyers an idea concerning the location of the crop, distance & direction from the current place, quantity wise crop availability, land size, crop rates, rate trends, date of cultivation or harvesting which will help buyer to make an appropriate purchasing decision.

Farmers can share live crop photographs & video:

Farmers can share live photographs and videos of their quality agriculture produces along with crop details, location, and contact details so that buyers can view them and commence the negotiation with them. Book My Crop offers farmers to manage their profile as an effort to boost their impression to buyers.

Farmers can shortlist their regular buyers and vice versa in respective accounts:

Farmers can save their regular or favourite buyers and vice versa to reconnect them. These shortlisted details will not only help them to trade for the current crops but also help them for their future buy/sell/sale crops online.

Buyers & Farmers can set preferences through their profile:

Buyers can set their preferences of crop type, volume, distance, etc., and the system will automatically notify them when the farmer or crop falls into their territories. The same goes for the farmers as they can set their preferences for the type of buyer they want or the quantity of crop the buyer wants, and the system will notify them when the buyer falls into the preferences defined. Buyers can add multiple preferences and farmers can add multiple farmlands and types of crops along with different dates of cultivation or harvesting, land size, crop rates, rate trends and locations.

Farmer Data, Live Crop Photo and Registration in Book My Crop

Farmer Registration

For successful registration and crop listing on the Book My Crop website, it is mandatory for farmers to submit their valid Farmer’s Name, Village, Tehsil, District and State in India.

Farmer Profile

  • Identity Proof – Name and ID Card (with image)
  • Address Detail and Location -Village, Tehsil, District and State (with image)
  • Contact details - Email id, Phone number, Whatsapp Number (with image)
  • Professional details
  • Family Details
  • Product Category
  • Crop Details
  • Years of Experience
  • Land Details

Live Crop Photographs and Videos

The most saleable and best feature of Book My Crop for farmers is - Share Live Crop Photographs and Videos through mobile app as well as web portal. Farmers can share live crop photographs and videos on the Book My Crop website for displaying their crops to buyers.

Uploading live crop photographs and videos in their respective farmer profile helps to maintain authenticity, gain trust factor, attract buyers, show crop types and get more leads.