Book My Crop For Buyers

Book My Crop is here with an advanced online portal that helps potential Indian buyers find Indian farmers from various parts of India. Which will help users to buy/sell/sale crops online at the best prices which means the buyer will receive agriculture produces online at affordable rates, while the farmers will get the best price for their quality produce.

Buyers who use Book My Crop receive contact information for reputable prospective farmers with whom they can conduct business. Book My Crop makes it simple for buyers to contact the greatest farmers in the country.

Because there are thousands of farmers registered on Book My Crop, each crop is offered by a different farmer at a different price and quantity ratio.

Buyers can contact farmers and inquire about their crop offerings after obtaining direct contact and Whatsapp numbers from Book My Crop.

Buyers can select farmers based on Crop Wise Farmer Selection and Farmer Selection by Distance (up to 500 Kms).

Buyers can sort the available farmer list by Rating, Price, Weight, and Cultivation Date.

Buyers can see Farmer Data:

Aside from personal information, buyers should also review the following farmer information at Book My Crop-

Location (Village, Tehsil, District, and State):

Book My Crop is India's largest farmer directory. At Book My Crop, each farmer has a name, village, tehsil, district, and state in India. The purpose of keeping these details is to keep a record and to provide buyers with as much fundamental farmer information as possible so that they can negotiate with them. Farmers may obtain the best rates, while buyers can obtain the best bargains.

Land Size:

At the Book My Crop website, buyers can check their distance from the crop and the farmer they want to contact. This helps buyers to get an understanding of the location, quantity-wise crop availability, land size, data of cultivation and make the best purchasing decision.

Crop Volume/Quantity:

At the Book My Crop website, buyers can see the available quantity of the crop to order along with the information of farmer, farmland, farm area, as well as the number of trees.

Expected Date of Cultivation or Harvest:

Buyers can also view the expected date of cultivation or harvesting so as to order the desired crops when needed. Buyers can also pre-order or pre-book their desired crops with the farmers, which mostly happens with seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Related Products

Buyers can also view the related crop produces, from the same farmer or other farmers which makes it easier for them to compare the prices and quality of the produce.